An education like no other...

At UCANNTECH we have assembled many of the top minds in the cannabis industry to give you an education unattainable elsewhere. Learn success in the cannabis business from some of the most successful people in the business. Our instructors have over 30 years of combined success in the cannabis industry. There's no where else you can learn success in the industry like UCANNTECH!

  • Focused Cirriculum
  • State Of The Art Education
  • Our Focus is on your success!

A dedicated learning environment

At UCANNTECH we are dedicated educators working with top industry pros to provide an education centered around success in the cannabis industry. We take your success seriously and provide an environment optimized for learning.

  • Interactive
  • Connected
  • College Level Professors

Teachers with unparalleled credentials

At UCANNTECH we work tirelessly to find the top professionals in our industry who are also the best teachers. Many people have had success with the cannabis industry, but not everyone can teach it. At UCANNTECH we find the best qualified teachers from the top 1% of our industry to make certain we fulfill our mission - To teach you success and innovation in the cannabis industry.

  • Awarded staff
  • Focused learning
  • Diploma Programs

An ideal location

Nestled on the St. Charles Mesa in historic Pueblo County. Pueblo County was the first county in Colorado to voter ratify legal cannabis on a local level. Get your education in the heart of where it all started in Pueblo Colorado!

  • Brick and Mortar University
  • Great Local Resources
  • Food and Lodging Paid for in graduate classes

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UCANNTECH is currently pre-registering students for our initial classes beginning in April of 2018. Contact Us for more information

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