Empowering the Cannabis Entrepreneur

Learn what you need to know to OWN a cannabis business.

Course Summary

Empowering the Cannabis Entrepreneur.

Targeted Audience:
This course is for anyone cannabis brings to traditional business practices - not only with the challenges, but most importantly how to navigate them. We will share emerging business models and exit strategies along with expected ROI’s. Different investor models and what they want to see before funding. Having reviewed 100s of cannabis proformas and raising tens of millions of dollars we will also share the flip side of that as to what investors can expect to see and how to identify myth from reality. Investing in cannabis is not for everyone. We also delve into the risk management side for both business owners and investors based on our personal first hand experiences in this space for the past 10 years.

Please join us for this in-depth look October 1st.


This course will address cannabis implications to the way in which traditional business is conducted. In other words, we assume and start with the assumption attendees are savvy business owners and/or investors. This course is designed both for the start up as well as the newly opened business who is looking for investors and/or an exit strategy.

We will speak to the nuances and challenges cannabis brings to traditional practices and assumptions through our real-life experiences in starting up, buying and selling cannabis touching as well as ancillary support businesses and share 3rd party formed data on trends.

Attendees will be given opportunity to frame their own business plan as the class works through the various sections and delves into the details.

At the beginning of the class we will distribute a business plan template to each of the attendees. Attendees will be encouraged to bring their laptops with them that will be able to either take notes as it applies to them and/or be given class time to write their plan, or they can simply observe. We will have hard copy to distribute as well.

Medium: Short Films, Power point, Flip Charts for brain storming capturing ideas and interactive class room exercises.

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