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You can apply either online or by mail. Once your application is excepted you will be invoiced for the reservation deposit. The deposit can be paid online. IMPORTANT - Your reservation in class is not complete until you have been accepted by our staff and a deposit has been made. Prior to that no place in class can be guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find The Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Do You Need To Be Onsite To Take These Classes?

Yes. Classroom attendence is required due to the hands on nature of what we teach.

Do Classes Need To Be Paid In Full Before Attending?

Yes. At this time we are unable to extend credit arrangements to our students directly. However, we will work with a lending institution of your choice to assist you with obtaining financing to attend.

Do You Offer Refunds?

While we do not provide refunds all students are fully covered by our quality guarantee. We believe all students have the right to fully understand the subject they paid for, so students may retake any class up to 3 times in the year following the completion of their course. If you still do not feel you fully understand the subject we will take the time to cover the material with you personally until you are satisfied with your understanding of the subject.

Am I Really Going To Learn The Keys To Success In The Cannabis Business From Some Of The Biggest Players In The Industry?

Absolutely. We believe to be qualified to teach success on a large scale in the cannabis industry you must first have proven success on a large scale in the industry. Our staff reads like a who's who of cannabis success and is growing all the time (every pun intended).

So Is This Really Challenging?

Make no mistake about it, our courses are not easy. We cover a lot of material in a short time and much of it is technical in nature. You need to be able to keep adequate notes, grasp new concepts and information and read at a reasonable rate to be successful in our classes. We generally do not suggest them for anyone lacking a high school degree minimum. We are professional educators invested in your success so we want to make sure you have the tools you will need to make it.

Can You Provide Placement Assistance In The Industry?

In fact, placement assistance is why many students choose UCANNTECH. We work with top industry professionals the world over and give all of them access to our database of graduate job searchers. We also keep our graduates informed of openings in the industry we become aware of, often exclusively for UCANNTECH. We pride ourselves in connecting our graduates to successful postions all over the cannabis industry!

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