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We Are A Group Of Top Industry Professionals On A Mission.

Founded in 2017

UCANNTECH was founded in 2017 by industry professionals. Our purpose was to establish the premier cannabis education facility in the world.

In doing so we have pulled together the finest minds in the cannabis industry to form an educational partnership to benefit the industry. We believe by paying it forward and helping to raise the bar of success in the cannabis industry, the entire industry benefits. By doing this, we help maintain the highest standards of performance, integrity and profitability in our industry.

UCANNTECH is the education source for cannabis entrepenuers, new business owners and managers or industry professionals who want the most comprehensive education available in cannabis today. Learn state of the art techniques using the latest in cutting edge equipment.

Our Mission

To raise the bar in cannabis education worldwide. We believe by providing future industry leaders with the tools and experience necessary to succeed we help to insure the long term prosperity of our industry.

We are positioned at the cutting edge of cannabis science to provide our students with the finest education available in the cannabis industry. We are industry leaders with an intimate understanding of what it takes to succeed in our industry. We have come together to share what we know and work together for a common good, the overall success of our industry.

Our Partners

UCANNTECH partners with manufacturers who produce the very finest equipment in the industry to provide our students the most cutting edge learning experience possible.

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